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qustions  about sergio  batarelli??????
1_about your self : Brazilian, my city is São Paulo, black belt 7th degree in kung fu, kick boxing, black belt in karate, jiu jitsu, former kick boxing world champion super heavy weight division, brazilian boxing champion, vale tudo champion,
2_age: 46
3_one photo: attached
5_main time  you make vale tudo: I don't understand the question, please be more especific
6_all country and all branchase in the world ( vale tudo ): Brasil, USA, Iran, France, Croatia, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Italy, Romenia, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Australia, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico.
7_what the different betwin  k1_mma  and vale tudo and rus vale tudo and lutas vale tudo: now is almost the same, ruas vale tudo is a style created by Marcos Ruas, K-1 MMA is a competition rule, created by me in Japan for K-1 MMA fights, and Lutas Vale Tudos is Vale Tudo fights, it means in Brazil no rules, wiht head butts, elbown, low blows, anything goes.
8_one photo: photo from what?
9_is vale tudo style or sport or company  or trade mark ? is a sport, is a trade mark (belongs to me) and is a company IVC.
10_ have any gi or dress ? you can use all kind of drees, but in Brazil we use swim trunk
11_are use belt for exampel yellow belt or green in vale tudo: no, only for instructor sometimes we use black belt
10_first event ? 1996 in Brazil
11_ last event  ? IVC Aracaju in Brazil march 2006
12_next  event? IVC Asia in Iran June 2006 (right?) and IVC in Bahia - Brazil september 13th, 2006
13_are you have opinion about  iran and iranian people? I don't know nothing about the Iran or his people, but I have a lot of respect for this country.
14_are you love for coming to iran? Yes, I love to come as soon as possible to Iran, and know the traditions and the people, the culture and mainly the fighters, I hope I can find some new talent and make one of them big international star on fighting industry worldwide

Sergio Batarelli was born in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, Brazil on February 24, 1960. Began his sporting life in 1970 with practices of Kung Fu, Taisan style (style of the Lion), then in 1978 he was graduate teacher and inaugurated his own academy on November 2, 1978, in the neighborhood of the Freguesia do Ó, in the city of São Paulo.

Batarelli in Los Angeles with  Stan "The man"

Batarelli in Los Angeles with  Stan "The man"

Sergio Batarelli taught Kung Fu up to 1986; during that period, he formed several teachers, and founded the BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF KUNG FU TAISAN, and TAISAN MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION. He was the responsible for Kung Fu's recognition as sport in Brazil, that was subordinated to the São Paulo State Boxing Federation and Brazilian Confederation of Boxing in the beginning, where Sergio Batarelli was the director of that sport, and later he helped in the regulation for the creation of Kung Fu's Brazilian Confederation.

In that same period Sergio Batarelli, was sought to regulate a new sport known in the United States of Full Contact Karate. Where the great names of that time were Bill Wallace, Beny Urquidez, Joe Lewis, Brad Hefton among other; and there was only a called international organization PKA (Professional Karate Association). And that in Brazil was only known by the name Full Contact, Sergio Batarelli that at that time was already amateur boxing champion in the heavy weight division, decided then to face more that challenge, and he worked for the regulation and recognition of one newer fight sport FULL CONTACT, that later became also known by KICK BOXING.

Sergio Batarelli founded FULL CONTACT BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION then. In addition, it began a new era in the martial art of Brazil. Because for the first time in the history of the martial art in Brazil a fight of “FULL CONTACT” it was transmitted by television in national net to the whole Country. And with that that new sport became very popular and known in Brazil, and then Sergio Batarelli turned very known and a great idol of the sport (to see in conquests and accomplishments). Due to the great number of apprentices and interested in join to this new association, Sergio Batarelli felt the need of a stronger organization, and with the Brazilian government's recognition, with that he founded FULL CONTACT KICK BOXING BRAZILIAN CONFEDERATION in September of 1991, where he is a president until today.

Batarelli x Ronie Copland - Maceió - 1995

After FULL CONTACT great success, Sergio Batarelli in 1996 was involved once again in a new challenge to promote fights of VALE TUDO. Sergio Batarelli was sought by Frederico Lapenda, which has just created an event of Vale Tudo called WVC–WORLD VALE TUDO CHAMPIONSHIP. He was in search of a partner to accomplish these events in Brazil, and then Sergio Batarelli accepted more that challenge. Moreover, thanks to his serious work in the past, he has to convince the Brazilian television that this was the sport of the future. He also got that soon in the first event that was accomplished in one of the most important hotels of Brazil, the Maksoud Plaza Hotel, that had been stage of most of Sergio Batarelli fights when he still fought as a kick boxer.

That partnership was only until WVC 4. When after private problems between both, Sergio Batarelli decided to create in July of 1997 IVC–INTERNATIONAL VALE TUDO CHAMPIONSHIP. In that same time, he regularized the Vale Tudo as sport recognized by the Brazilian government. Founding the BRAZILIAN CONFEDERATION OF VALE TUDO FIGHTS, and thanks to HIS serious work and dedicated Sergio Batarelli got to transform IVC in one of the Vale Tudo events most respected of the world, and also to do with that IVC was globally recognized as the only real event of Vale Tudo in our planet.


Sergio Batarelli in 1999 met with Koichi Kawasaki (Pride - Japan), Stephane Cabrera (WKN–France), Stephen Quadros (Black Belt Magazine– USA), Miguel Iturate (Hook & Shoot– USA), and they founded IVC - INTERNATIONAL VALE TUDO COUNCIL.

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